On-line Explosion-proof Dew Point Analyzer

Product name: On-line Explosion-proof Dew Point Analyzer
Product number: DPT-900
Product brand: Phymetrix US

Product Description

DPT-900 online explosion-proof dew point meter is the dew point analyzer produced by the most advanced nano micro porous metal oxide dew point sensor. It can quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of gas in the dew point temperature range of -110 ~ +20℃ degrees.

Application Area

Petrochemical, Electric power, Pharmaceutical, Industrial gas, Heat treatment, Aviation, Natural gas, Drying equipment and Medical treatment.

Main Features

1、Explosion-proof certification, applicable to dangerous occasions
2、4 ~ 20mA current output and RS422 output
3、Built-in filters, throttle parts and flowmeters
4、3 inch observation window for user to view
5、Without opening the shell, it can be operated by the front button
6、Multiple intake joint selectable

Technical Specifications

Dew Point Sensor

Measurement Range: -110 ℃ ~ +20 ℃         Accuracy: ±2℃   

Repeatability: 0.8℃   Response Time: 3 minute 95% step change (from dry to wet)        Gas Flow: > 1L/M

Temperature sensor

Measuring range: -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃       Accuracy: ±2℃

Pressure Sensor (optional)

Measurement Range: 0 ~ 150PSIA (10bar) ± 1%, 316L stainless steel contact with measured gas



3 automatic detection - adaptive power mode:
1) 90 ~ 260VAC 47 ~ 440Hz
2) 12 ~ 24VDC 10VA
3) 4 ~ 20mA
The power mode 1 or 2 has the following output functions:
a) isolated RS-422
b) support the 4 ~ 20mA of the Hart protocol
c) 3 alarm relay -3A, 250VAC



1. The intake is 3/4 "tube outer diameter and 1/4" NPT, and the outlet is 1/8 "NPT
2. Small area stainless steel sampling room is beneficial to shorten the response time
3, shell: aluminum or 316 stainless steel and glass to reach IP66&IP68 protection level
4, FM/CSA explosion-proof authentication: Class I, Div I, Groups B, C And D Class II.
5, ATEX explosion-proof authentication: ATEX 2 GD, Exd I & IIC; IECEx, Exd I & IIC
6, size: 226 x 147 x 147 mm (L x W x H)
7, weight: 2.5kg pressure: 68bar
8. The throttle parts that control the flow can be installed at the intake or air outlet
9. The built-in 100 mug filter can be cleaned

Operating temperature


Ordering Information

Content description

Part number

On line explosion-proof dew point meter, model: DPT-900
Including: intake filter, intake throttle unit (marked working pressure), flowmeter


Stainless steel shell option


Pressure sensor option, 0~150psia (automatic pressure correction function)


Install scaffold options


4 to 20mA current output options to support the HART protocol


Essential security ATEX option


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