Portable / desk Dew Point Analyzer

Product name: Portable / desk Dew Point Analyzer
Product number: DPT-600 Plus
Product brand: Phymetrix US

Product Description

          DPT-600plus Portable / desk  dew point meter is the dew point analyzer produced by the most advanced nano micro porous metal oxide dew point sensor. It can quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of gas in the dew point temperature range of -110 ~ +20.

Application Area

Petrochemical, Electric power, Pharmaceutical, Industrial gas, Heat treatment, Aviation, Natural gas, Drying equipment and Medical treatment.

Main Features
★ This lightweight and easy to carry, and can be used for desktop

★ Multi Parameter Display:℃(dp)、ppmV

★ Programmable data record
★ Rechargeable long life lithium battery power supply

★ With USB data output

Technical Specifications

Dew Point Sensor

Measurement Range: -110 ℃ ~ +20 ℃         Accuracy: ±2℃
Response Time: 3 minute 95% step change (from dry to wet)        Gas Flow: > 1L/M

Temperature Sensor
Measurement Range: -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃       Accuracy: ±2℃
Most of the material is styrene and acrylonitrile, the maximum pressure is 3.4Bar (the pressure limit is the pressure of the exhaust port).
Intake valve
The maximum pressure is 10Bar (the pressure limit refers to the inlet pressure and requires the vent opening naturally).

Ergonomics Design

1. Easy to carry or table, with a weight of 2.6 kg
2, Easy to read graphics, LCD display, Backlight luminance users can switch
3. The battery power saving mode can be automatically switched off by the user, and the mode can be completely closed.
4. The built-in pressure measurement and pressure correction function can show the dew point and pressure dew point at the same time.
5. Users can choose to be locked with or without a password
6. Clock calendar supported by built-in backup battery power
7. Data record: one or more data can be recorded. The contents include dew point, temperature and pressure (memory >4000 point).


1. Provide a universal external AC power adapter (100-240VAC 50-60Hz)
2. A rechargeable lithium ion battery, charged with a power adapter
3. Sampling systems and sensors are isolated from electrical interfaces and grounding.
4, sensor resolution: 1pF produced less than 0.01 or C
5. External power supply and I/O seal cover reach IP67 / IP68 protection level


1. Use 1/4 "Swagelok inlet / outlet adapter
2. The internal pipeline is made of 316 stainless steel and polytetrafluoroethylene. The inner area of the stainless steel measuring chamber is small, so it is easy to respond quickly.
3. The extruding aluminum profile is used in the shell of the instrument.
4, size: 199 x 162 x 84 mm (L x W x H) weight: 2.6kg

Operatin temperature

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