Precision Dew Point Analyzer

Product name: Precision Dew Point Analyzer
Product number: DM8800
Product brand: YORK Instruments

Product Description

         DM8800 series precision dew point meter is YORK's new instrument specially used for precision instrument measuring the moisture content in a variety of gas, the polymer film capacitor principle, anti condensation, anti oil and gas, automatic calibration function, affected by dust particles and other pollutants is small, portable instrument for a full range of accurate and reliable measurement.


Display parameters: ℃, PPMV, relative humidity, measuring temperature, and measuring pressure.
Display real-time tracking. The dew point temperature curve and the minimum resolution gain change.
Automatic conversion. Different temperature and pressure and humidity parameters.
By the time display digital display flow system.
Intelligent power display.
Large screen display, Chinese interface, simple operation; strong visual line.
The instrument is stable and reliable, and is especially suitable for field detection.
Measurement data editing, automatic storage, printing.
USB port output, can connect to the upper computer communication.
With large capacity lithium batteries, there is no need for external alternating current.
Balance automatic diagnosis function.
 small 、 light  、and easy to carry.

Technical Specifications:
Range: 80 ~ C +20 dew point

Dew point precision: ±2℃

Resolution: 0.01 degrees centigrade
Response time: 90% < 250s
Operating environment temperature: -20 ~ +60 C
Relative humidity: 0 ~ 100%RH
Pressure: 0 to 20bar
Communication port: USB port
Continuous battery measurement time: > 5 hours
Battery charging time: about 5 hours
Flow: 0.2 to 1.0LPM
Weight: About 2kg

Application Area

It includes generator cooling hydrogen, transformer and high voltage switch insulation gas, petrochemical, natural gas, dry gas and compressed gas, welding gas and ship and aviation oxygen.
DM8800 Standard Configuration:



Portable Box

Stainless steel sleeve joint 1
Operation instructions 1
PTFE air pipe 1/8 "card sleeve 1 Metrological verification certificate 1

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