On-line Natural Gas Dew Point Analyzer

Product name: On-line Natural Gas Dew Point Analyzer
Product number: DPT-910
Product brand: Phymetrix US

Product Description

DPT-910 on-line natural gas dew point meter is the use of nano porous metal oxide film dew point sensor production site dew point analyzer is the most advanced, combined with the familly's unique sample gas handling system, can be at -110 ℃ to the dew point temperature range of +20 ℃  in the rapid and accurate measurement of natural gas water dew point.

Main Features

Explosion-proof certification, applicable to dangerous occasions
4 ~ 20mA current output and RS422 output
Site installation, 2 inch tube support installation
The instrument box takes a large window to inspect the window to facilitate the user's view.
Integrated sample gas pretreatment system

The difficulty of measuring the water content in natural gas:
Most of the natural gas components are methane, but pollutants usually exist in one or several states. They may be three glycols, ethanol, natural gas liquids, H2S and various particulate pollutants. What pollutants do they contain depends on the source of natural gas. The pressure range of natural gas may range from 50bar to 100bar. These conditions are all difficult for the operating conditions of the dew point analyzer. In most cases, it is necessary to carry out complex cleaning steps for natural gas, such as washing steps to ensure the normal operation of sensors, which makes the workload of instrument maintenance personnel increase.

The best scheme for water measurement of natural gas
Nanotechnology: sensor familly dew point analyzer using a nano porous metal oxide film technology patents, both from dry to wet or from wet to dry has fast response, and has high accuracy and high repeatability. Nanotechnology has changed the critical characteristics of the materials, so the familly sensor in -110 ~ +20 ~ C (DP) can be accurate, repeatable and rapid measurement range.

Technical Specifications

Dew Point Sensor

Measurement Range: -110 ℃ ~ +20 ℃         Accuracy: ±2℃          Gas Flow: > 1L/M


3 automatic detection - adaptive power mode:
1) 90 ~ 260VAC 47 ~ 440Hz  or 2) 12 ~ 24VDC 10VA   or 3) 4 to 20mA
The power mode 1 or 2 has the following output functions:
2) isolated RS-422 b) support 4 to 20mA C of Hart protocol) 3 alarm relay -3A, 250VAC


The outlet outlet of the air inlet is 1/4 "card sleeve interface, all of the pipe valves are made of stainless steel.
Shell: engineering glass steel instrument box, IP66&IP68 protection grade
FM/CSA explosion proof authentication: Class I, Div I, Groups B, C And D Class II.
ATEX explosion proof authentication: ATEX 2 GD, Exd I & IIC; IECEx, Exd I & IIC

Operating temperature


Application Area:

Petrochemical, Petrochemical, Natural Gas.

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