Disk mounted CO2 analyzer

Product name: Disk mounted CO2 analyzer
Product number: PGA720
Product brand: Phymetrix US

Product Description

The PGA720 disc mounted CO2 analyzer is installed in the integrated analysis cabinet for single test or long term monitoring of CO2 concentration, two way alarm connection, 24V feedback voltage and 4~20mA output. It is a perfect choice to use a variety of applications, which can meet general purpose and also can be used for hazardous environment.


TFT LCD, switchable display, automatic display, curve, mean difference measurement and analysis of data
Using ultra high precision sensor signal sampling technique
Using high speed processor to meet the requirements of fast and accurate measurement
Temperature compensation and pressure compensation
Built-in flowmeter, and self - flow regulating valve
Automatic storage of data, up to 10000 stores
Two way alarm output
Optional built-in pump for negative pressure demand
Optional PC software to import stored data into a computer
An optional infrared printer that prints the current test value anytime and anywhere

Technical Indicators:

measuring range

C020~5000PPM0~5%0~20%0~100%(optional sensor)

Resolving power

0.1PPM or 0.01%

Preheating time

<2minutes (start time) <30minutes (meet technical indicators)

Linear error


Repeatability error


response time

T90 about0.15S(@1SCFH)


3 bit and half digital LCD

Sensor type

NDIR infrared dual wavelength sensor

Operating temperature


Power Supply

110~220VAC,OR   12~30VDC


4~20mA analog current output
Two way alarm relay: AC110V~AC220V 3A/DC: less than 36V 5A
RS485 output
Modbus provides PC software (optional)

Inlet and outlet joint

316 stainless steel 1/4 "jacket"

Installation opening size



208x148x105mm(long x high x depth)



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