Portable Oxygen Analyzer

Product name: Portable Oxygen Analyzer
Product number: POA200
Product brand: Phymetrix US

Product Description

        POA200 portable micro oxygen analyzer can provide accurate trace oxygen analysis. The instrument itself is light and durable. Using this design, is a perfect choice for a variety of applications, not only can satisfy the general purpose, also can be used in dangerous environment.
        POA200 micro oxygen analyzer uses the most advanced signal processing technology, the measurement is fast, stable and accurate, and the rechargeable lithium battery which can be used for a long time is built.
        Standard POA200 trace oxygen analyzer provides a quick break and joint, is very suitable for fast point-to-point analysis, in addition, the joint is pulled out, as the isolation effect of automatic isolating valve, disconnect the connection. This ensures that the instrument can respond quickly and ensure the reduction time between the measuring points, while prolonging the life of the sensor.

Standard characteristics:

Measurement range: 0~10ppm, 0~100ppm, 0~1000ppm, and 0~1% automatic range
True color LCD display can be switched to two kinds of display, curve, mean, difference measurement and data analysis
32 bit high speed processor, parallel processing and analysis signal
Using ultra high precision sensor signal sampling technique, high precision, fast response and wide range of measurement
Temperature compensation: 32-113 degrees F (0-45 C)
Convenient replacement of sensors
Li-On rechargeable
Sample gas input fast disconnected nozzle
The equipment is compact, compact, sturdy and completely closed
The record data can be stored automatically, with a capacity of 10000
Integrated flow indicator, built-in adjusting needle valve
Built-in sample gas shutoff device to fully protect the sensor

Technical Indicators:


010ppm0〜100ppm0〜1000ppm0~1%   Auto Range

Minimum resolution





31/2 digital LCD display



Response time

100ppm~l% <10s       0~10ppm<25s

battery power

115/230VAC    ±10%

Application area

Intrinsically safe designClass ⅠDiv.Groups BCD.





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